European Data protection Developments

Bron: Van Doorne – Elisabeth Thole

Overzicht van wijzigingen in de lokale wetgeving.

“We have collaborated with a number of leading law firms across Europe to create this European Data Protection Update publication. In this publication we highlight a number of key developments which have happened recently or which are about to happen, as well as providing a summary of some interesting cases that may impact on the relevant data protection regimes in the coming months.”

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Data protection: Council agrees on general principles and the “one stop shop” mechanism

“The Council reached a partial general approach on specific issues of the draft regulation setting out a general EU framework for data protection, on the understanding that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.

The partial general approach includes the chapters and the recitals concerning the“one stop shop” mechanism (chapters VI and VII) as well as the chapter and the recitals relating to the principles for protecting the personal data (chapter II).”

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‘EU Data Protection Regulation: A Tipping Point Has Been Reached’

Inschatting van UK specialist John Bowman:

“Reflecting on my own experience as the former lead negotiator for the UK on the regulation at the DAPIX working group in Brussels, my prediction is that the council will agree on a general approach ahead of a meeting of the European Council, the EU heads of government, on 19 March 2015. This will allow enough time for the European Commission, the council and the Parliament to agree a final product to present to the world by the end of 2015, a much-touted target date. ”


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Nieuwe Europese Dataprotection Regulation per begin 2015 bekend?

Met de vorming van de nieuwe Europese commissoe worden ook de stakeholders helder die moeten zorgen voor de afhandeling van het totstandkomingsproces. Het goedkeuren van de nieuwe Europese Data Protection Regulering heeft daarbij hoge prioriteit.

Verschillende deskundigen verwachten dat de richtlijn wellicht binnen zes maanden (2015 Q1 of Q2) beschikbaar komt,.

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