WP29 kritisch over Privacy Shield

Op 28 november 2017 heeft de Working Party 29, de werkgroep waarin alle Europese toezichthouders samenwerken, wederom een kritisch rapport gepubliceerd over de Privacy Shield regeling. Het rapport roept de Amerikaanse overheid op om op korte termijn aan aantal extra waarborgen te geven:

Though the WP29 “welcomes the various efforts made by U.S. authorities to set up a comprehensive procedural framework,” it has also “identified a number of important unresolved issues” thus far. “Therefore,” the document states, “the WP29 calls upon the Commission and the U.S. competent authorities to restart discussions” and “an action plan has to be set up immediately…” The WP29 calls for the appointment of an Ombudsperson and the remaining positions on the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board by May 25, 2018, and for their remaining concerns to be addressed at the second joint review next year. If no remedy is brought within the timeline, the WP29 warns it will bring “the Privacy Shield Adequacy decision to national courts for them to make a reference to the [Court of Justice of the EU] for a preliminary ruling.”

Klik hier voor het volledige rapport op de website van IAPP.

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Duiding van ‘Privacy Shield’ door IAPP

Gabe Maldoff, werkzaam bij International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), heeft een overzichtelijk artikel geschreven met daarin de belangrijkste elementen uit ‘Privacy Shield’ en de verschillen met het Safe Harbor-verdrag.

We read Privacy Shield so you don’t have to

The European Commission recently released details of the new Privacy Shield framework designed to heighten protections for transferring European Union residents’ personal data to the U.S. Although its approval faces procedural hurdles, Privacy Shield could provide a much-needed solution for organizations seeking to respond to Safe Harbor’s invalidation.



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