PIA-tool van Franse toezichthouder

De Franse privacy toezichthouder CNIL heeft een uitstekende PIA-tool ontwikkeld, die in meerdere ander talen beschikbaar is, waaronder het Nederlands. Aan de hand van een vragenboom die doet denken aan het aangifteprogramma van de Belastingdienst wordt de gebruiker systematisch door een groot aantal vragen en checklists geleid. Het programma bevat tevens uitgebreide uitleg bij de gebruikte begrippen.

De tool kan worden door iedereen worden gedownload op de website van CNIL. Hierop staat onder het kopje “what is it?” de volgende toelichting:

The PIA tool has been designed around three principles:

  • A didactic interface to carry out PIAs: the tool relies on a user-friendly interface to allow for a simple management of your PIAs. It clearly unfolds the privacy impact assessment methodology step by step. Several visualisation tools offer ways to quickly understand the risks.
  • A legal and technical knowledge base: the tool includes the legal points ensuring the lawfulness of processing and the rights of the data subjects. It also has a contextual knowledge base, available along all the steps of the PIA, adapting the contents displayed. The data are extracted from the GDPR, the PIA guides and the Security Guide from the CNIL, to the aspect of the processing studied.
  • A modular tool: designed to help you build your compliance, you can customise the tool contents to your specific needs or business sector, for example by creating a PIA model that you can duplicate and use for a set of similar processing operations. Published under a free licence, it is possible to modify the source code of the tool in order to add features or include it into tools used in your organisation